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Longest Open House

Tournament Start at 1:00 pm June 23rd 2023

Bean Bag Tournament


Only need one sign up per TEAM

We will start at 1:00 and go until we crown a winner of the SECOND Annual Longest Open House Bean Bag Tournament.
Fee: Donate what you can

What is the Longest Open House?
Exemplifying the core values of the largest real estate franchise in the world, Kyle Olson of Keller Williams Inspire Realty is hosting the LONGEST OPEN HOUSE in connection with the Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota and North Dakota’s Longest Day fundraising campaign. Together with Brookstone Properties (Fargo, ND), they will be holding a beautiful rambler home in Horace open for 64 hours straight! We will have snacks, games, food trucks, amazing Door Prize GIVEAWAYS, and much more. *


My father suffered from some of the longest days I could ever imagine. Sometimes it felt like his day would restart every 6 minutes and the amount of energy my mother had to expend caring for him made some days heartbreaking. Fortunately, the Longest Day is the day of the year with the most light — the summer solstice. And it’s the day I have committed to fighting Alzheimer’s disease! I’m participating in The Longest Day, a fundraising event to advance the care, support, and research efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Today, an estimated 50 million people worldwide are living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, including more than 5 million Americans. In the United States alone, 16 million friends and family members are providing their care. We must take action now, or these numbers will continue to rise.

Stand up to the darkness of Alzheimer’s and make a donation today to help the Alzheimer’s Association support all those facing the disease. Thank you!

This is one game, single elimination, randomly seeded doubles Bean Bag tournament

Bean Bag Rules

  1.  Rock/paper/scissors ‐ Winner picks sides and bag color. Loser throws first.
  2. Teammates stand across from each other on opposite bean bag boards.
  3. Each team has 4 bags to throw. Shots alternate between teams, beginning with the team that scored the last point. 
  4. Each player must throw from behind the front of the bean bag board. This acts as the foul line. The player must not pass the foul line or the player’s throw does not count and the bag is removed.
  5. Teams will be in charge of calling their own fouls and keeping their own score.


  1. The first team to reach (or exceed) 21 points at the conclusion of a frame is the winner.
  2. Points are scored when a player has a bag on the board or in the hole.  A bag put on the board = 1 point  A bag put in the hole = 3 points
  3. The approved method of scoring is “cancellation” scoring.  The points of one team cancel out the points of their opponent.  Using this method, only one team can score in each frame.
    1. Example: Team 1 has 1 bag in hole, 1 bag on board. Team 2 has 1 bag on board. Team 1’s total is 3 + 1 + 0 + 0 = 4. Team 2’s total is 1 + 0 + 0 + 0. Thus, Team 1 scores a total of 3 points that round. 
  4. If no points are scored during the round, then the first team to throw in the last round would throw again in the next round.   
  5. The maximum amount of points scored in a single round is 12 points (4 bags from the same team in the hole). 
  6.  A bag that hits another player’s bag or any other bag is legal and still in play.
  7. If a player throws a bag and that bag hits the other player’s bag in the hole, the bag in the hole counts as such.
  8. If a player knocks another player’s bag off of the board, that bag stays off of the board.
  9. A bag that touches the ground for any reason is considered dead.
  10. If a bag bounces and lands on the board, it is dead and must be removed from the board before play may continue.
  11. “Hanging bags” that are partially off the edge of the board are determined to be in play by having a member of each team lift the front end of the board to determine whether the bag will stay in place.
  12. Be available! If you are not at your designated board after 5 minutes of being called to play, your team will forfeit that game. Pay attention to the bracket to know when your team will play.

And most importantly – HAVE FUN!!