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My purpose

Closing for a CURE:Fighting Alzheimer's

I want to share with you what gets me out of the bed in the morning, and what inspires me to help my clients find their homes.

In 2003, my father was diagnosed with short term dementia that evolved into Alzheimer’s.

Most noteworthy, My father was a handyman’s handyman, the type of guy that could fix anything. Broken light switch? He’d rewire it. Busted car strut, he’d replace it. Knock a hole in the kitchen wall, and he’d be there with plaster and trawl. However, as he got older, he started to lose the desire to do anything because he couldn’t remember his tasks. He’d stop mid-project, forgetting what the next step was and I could see him, struggling to place what should happen next. The look on his face of frustration at losing these basic tasks was heartbreaking to our family.

And he wasn’t the first family member to suffer memory issues. My grandfather passed away when I was young and at the time of his passing, he was unable to remember me, my brother, my cousins. He passed with his grandkids being little more than strangers to him. I watched my aunts and uncles suffer, and watched family care for them as they slipped away.

Closing for a CURE
Closing for a CURE

How can I help?

For me, that answer is selling homes. For every home I sell, 10% of my commission is donated directly to Alzheimer’s Association to help us combat this disease that effects me, and my family every day. I call this Closing for a Cure #ClosingForACure. My goal is to help raise $100,000, for the Alzheimers Association from my commissions to fund research in the Red River Valley. I’m Kyle Olson, and I want to help you find your house, but more importantly, I want to help end this terrible disease. I’m not just here to sell you a house, I’m here to help you find a home.

Because it’s hard to forget when you feel at home.

Join the Olson Fighters as we continue to Walk to End Alzheimer’s


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