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Rethinking Technology for Connection in Business Trailer

Rethinking Technology for Connection in Business Trailer

Rethinking Technology for Connection in Business Trailer 0:1:32

We want to help you and our community so we will be donating 100% of the proceeds of this event to our local Charity CCRI—Creative Care for Reaching Independence


Small businesses, non-profits, social ventures are ALL in a state of needing connection, efficiency, and communication. Especially, as we all are in an abrupt state of depending on technology in an unprecedented way.

RE: TECH. Rethinking: Technology, Engagement, Communication, and the Hard part of getting it all done.

Please join us as we speak with leading experts in blocks of two hours a day for 5 days. Leading experts present on how to tackle how to connect and engage in authentic ways in addition to data trends, marketing, follow-up, and what the economic future holds. You will leave with an action plan… a solid start from inspiration to action in the creation of work-life integration.

As we operate in a world of “physical distancing” we need to find a way to CREATE and OPERATE in social connection but at a distance. Organizations and operations are changing faster than we ever imagined; therefore, strategy and execution are critical. If you are a new start-up, doing a re-start, or a recalibration, you will find the content of value to ignite you to move forward in your own path. This event will teach you:
 To be more organized and efficient in technology
 How to blend authentic communication with technology
 How to connect and network with technology
 To use data and analytics to engage with the intention
 To pull this together and design a strategy of best solutions to get this accomplished.

Logistics: 100% conveniently online
 Three days of presentations 9am – 11am CST (M, T, and W)
 One day of working session 9am – 11am CST (Th) in which we have an open room for you to tackle tasks from the sessions with some guidance. We want you to take things from inspiration to action.
 One day of LIVE “all speaker Q&A” engagement day 9am – 11am CST (F). We want to leave you with the customized answers you need to continue the path.
 We have resources for your to work through following each day and at the end.
 We are available for engagement and communication off-conference as well.


You will learn ways to integrate tech today into your business to be more connected and grow a community around your business. Learn tips and tricks from the pros that utilize tech daily to get a competitive edge as you dive into your organization’s path to pivot into a new era of online connection and virtual meetings.

MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2020 (9am-11am)
o Get the latest trends in technology and the start of your strategic path to better your business in connectivity and operations, marketing, and data-informed linkages.
o Get the best information on building authentic network building as well as how to use data and analytics to make decisions.

TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 2020 (9am-11am)
GET COMMUNICATING & ANALYZING/ADJUSTING: Patrick Kirby and Brian Larry / Allen Ralston
o Learn about authentic engagement so you can use that context in building your plan. We will start you strong and prepare you for the rest of the week in information and action.
o We will share ways to utilize data and analytics in social media messaging, targeting your audience, analyze the effectiveness and grow/change your strategy.
o In combination: You will learn to blend your face to face charisma into the digital world

TUESDAY, APRIL 22, 2020 (9am-11am)
o Get moving on the how-tos of making this happen…strategy to action.
o Think like a designer that also project manages what you have learned into completion.
o Often, this is the step that is missing after attending conferences and workshops. We are here to infuse the creativity to action in your technology integration and operation…helping your organization thrive from pain point to possibility.

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 2020 (9am-11am)
All the speakers
GET FEEDBACK…Put it all together with a round table discussion with all presenters and attendees to see what worked, what changes you still need to implement and where to go from here. You have all of the speakers in a room and can tap into a wealth of knowledge in one place specific to your needs.

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Kyle Olson

Kyle Olson is a Realtor who has called Fargo - Moorhead home for his entire life. He's a graduate of Moorhead Highschool and Concordia College, he has always been a fighting vegetable and he has been working in the real estate industry since 2016. Kyle puts a focus on strong client relations, and his goal is to help find a cure for Alzheimers disease. In his spare time, he enjoys bringing technology into the real estate industry.

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