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Technology Coaching

Technology Coaching

As a benefit to Coaching, will be able to help you create new opportunities for being more efficient in your business. Technology coaching helps provide strategies that can reduce the chance of missing clients’ follow-up, reduce redundant data entry and tasks and provide more time to be present with your family.

Find ways to leverage your time and systems to work together in order to show your clients that you are on the top of the game. This is as simple as implementing a database, providing digital sign-in for open houses or multimedia presentations, and ads to generate more business.

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Potential Topics

Social Media
💾 Content management
💾 Brand Assets
💾 Automating Posting
💾 Lead Capture
💾 Lead Routing
💾 Auto-Response
💾 re-targeting ads
Buyers and Sellers Presentation
🎥 Pre packet
🎥 videos
🎥 presentation
🎥 take home
Open House
🏠Options to Sign up
🏠linking to database
🤩Facebook Ads
🤩Retargeting ads
📅online booking
📅time blocking
📅shared calendar

As a benefit to you, we will inspire you to become a more efficient Real Estate Agent. If you have asked any of these questions, it might be time to talk about coaching. Schedule a free consultation.

What specific actions have you taken so far?

What has worked for you in the past?

What is not working for you now?

What skills do you have that could help you go where you want to be?

What skills do you need to develop to take you where you want to be?

What resources are needed to achieve your goal?

What are you avoiding?

What could you accomplish in your first 7, 30, 60 90 days?

What 3 things can you identify that are missing or blocking your growth? 

Kyle Olson

Kyle Olson

Kyle Olson is a Realtor who has called Fargo - Moorhead home for his entire life. He's a graduate of Moorhead Highschool and Concordia College, he has always been a fighting vegetable and he has been working in the real estate industry since 2016. Kyle puts a focus on strong client relations, and his goal is to help find a cure for Alzheimers disease. In his spare time, he enjoys bringing technology into the real estate industry.

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